The Ancient Sport of Lethwei

Whenever I travel to an Asian country, I always try to find drop-in kickboxing classes in order to add a different style to my repertoire. Many countries in that part of the world have their own martial arts disciplines, and in Southeast Asia, Muay Thai and its variants are king. Naturally, one of the things […]

Dazaifu Day

Dazaifu is definitely one of my favourite places in Fukuoka. It’s beautiful, it has a ton of history, and it’s easy to get to from Kurume. I kind of liken it to a tiny Kyoto. It also has the best-designed Starbucks in Japan, a beauty of a store using local wood to help it blend […]

Empty Tenjin

I love the work of French photographer Jean-Michel Berts. He does beautiful black and white fine art photography of different cities around the world. His pictures are distinct because with great timing and technique, he captures light falling on buildings and cityscapes so well. Most of the time, his pictures are also eerily devoid of […]

Fukuoka Saturday Scenes

I don’t always get a chance to shoot Fukuoka on Saturdays. Usually I’m still in Kurume doing Kurume stuff. But yesterday I was in the city to have my x100s looked at by the Fuji people at their HQ in Hakata. I’ve been having issues with the on/off switch since a trip to Nagasaki a […]

A Day in Kamitsu

Today I’m going to put the spotlight on my neighbourhood. I live in the Kamitsu area of Kurume, which is a mixed residential and commercial area, like most neighbourhoods in Japan. On the surface it’s nothing special, but it has its own charms. The most obvious thing that you see when you come to this […]

Flashback: Hitting The Manhattan Pavement

If you’re in Canada, you’re celebrating the May two-four long weekend, which is the unofficial start of the summer season. BBQ, early trip to the cottage, Victoria Day fireworks, no work on Monday: I miss it all! Lucky Canucks. This weekend last year my wife (then future wife) and I took a road trip to […]

Hit The Nagasaki Pavement

Whirlwind weekend as some friends and I made the beautiful 2-hour drive to Nagasaki to see the Chinese Lantern Festival, the yearly event that lights up the downtown area with lanterns to mark the new year. However, I chose not to concentrate on the festival because I have to admit I wasn’t at my best […]

New Fukuoka Street Gallery

Hey there! Check out my new gallery of Fukuoka street photos here. I’d managed to restrain myself from posting any of the photos because I wanted to go through a few months of shooting before posting the ones I was happy with. Whether you like them or hate them, you can leave a comment on […]