Quiapo, Manila

This was shot 5 years ago when I was traveling through the Philippines after my first stint living in Japan. Quiapo is part of old Manila: grungy, crowded, and full of character. This place teems with hawkers selling everything you can imagine, from food to school supplies to rosaries. If you’re looking for a place […]

Sakura Scenes

In Japan, springtime means sakura season. The arrival of the magnificent cherry blossoms that colour the whole country whitish-pink is reflected in many aspects of Japanese life, from traditional seasonal sweets in Kyoto to the storefronts of posh Ginza. Happy Easter! Shibuya, Tokyo Arashiyama, Kyoto Asakusa, Tokyo Tokyo Station Arashiyama, Kyoto Tokyo Skytree Sumida, Tokyo […]

The Gates of Kyushu

When I told my boss back in Canada that I’d be going to Kyushu, he remarked that Kyushu was “real Japan”. Over the course of living here for almost 8 months I’ve realized how influential this island was to Japanese history. Most things considered traditional Japanese, such as zen buddhism, started here. Last week I […]

The Ryukyu Islands

The Ryukyu Islands, more popularly known as Okinawa, is the southernmost island chain in Japan. Dubbed the “Hawaii of Japan”, these islands are rich in history and culture, being an independent kingdom for hundreds of years before officially becoming a Japanese prefecture in the late 19th-century. It served as the gateway to Japan from China […]

Hit The Nagasaki Pavement

Whirlwind weekend as some friends and I made the beautiful 2-hour drive to Nagasaki to see the Chinese Lantern Festival, the yearly event that lights up the downtown area with lanterns to mark the new year. However, I chose not to concentrate on the festival because I have to admit I wasn’t at my best […]

Paying The Bills

Hey everyone, Happy 2014! I’ve been back in Fukuoka for a few days after a solid couple of weeks of sunshine and family time in the Philippines. Here’s the first offering of 2014 from the slew of photos I took during my vacation. Not as many as I would’ve liked though, as between jumping from […]


Japan knows how to relax. They have been perfecting this art for centuries. And for me, there’s no better place to forget about your day than at an onsen. For our end-of-year party, my office went to Yufuin, a very popular onsen resort town in Oita Prefecture, just next door to Fukuoka. It was super […]

Toho Village

A couple of months ago my friends and I were given a book to review about a little village far from the crowded cities of Fukuoka. It seemed like a nice place. So last weekend a few friends and I rented a car to see what the village was about. It was a very tranquil […]

New Fukuoka Street Gallery

Hey there! Check out my new gallery of Fukuoka street photos here. I’d managed to restrain myself from posting any of the photos because I wanted to go through a few months of shooting before posting the ones I was happy with. Whether you like them or hate them, you can leave a comment on […]