Paris Stopover

This year I’ve decided to spend some more time for myself doing things I like, such as taking photos and updating this blog. I think going into school at nights, weekends, and on holidays burned me out. But such is life in your first year teaching in a new country. Fortunately that part is over, […]

A Short Layover

I’m the kind of guy who just has to make the most out of what I have. At times I don’t sleep at night until I feel I’ve done something productive with my day. Even the way I approach photography comes from this mentality; I have to make the best possible shots while working around […]

Southeast Asia’s Fusion Town

When my sister told me she wanted to go to Luang Prabang in Laos, I have to admit I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I didn’t know much about Laos and didn’t think it was worth the extra effort when there were places that were a lot easier to get to, like Thailand or Singapore. […]

Bagan Again

It’s amazing how different things can change in a year. Since my last post, I finished up my teaching duties in Myanmar, moved back to Canada, and am now the proud father of a 6-month old. The time off has also given me some time to pore through my photos from the past two years […]

This is Burma

“This is Burma and it is unlike any land you know about.” Rudyard Kipling, Letters from the East (1898) Well, not quite. I know the Philippines. I lived there. It’s a lot like the Philippines. Actually, it’s a lot like many other Southeast Asian countries. It’s as if they all got together and decided that […]

Hit The Kyoto Pavement

Haven’t gotten a chance to update the site much, or to take pictures around Kurume for that matter. It’s been a busy time preparing to leave Japan and move to Myanmar. Good thing I have some photos from my trip to Kyoto in March that I’ve been looking for an excuse to put up! My […]

Hit The Tokyo Pavement

“Immense” is one word I’d use to describe Tokyo. If you go up to one of the many free observation decks in the city, you’ll see a giant metropolis that stretches out literally as far as the eye can see. Take the view from the Empire State Building, or the Eiffel Tower, multiply it many […]

Dazaifu Day

Dazaifu is definitely one of my favourite places in Fukuoka. It’s beautiful, it has a ton of history, and it’s easy to get to from Kurume. I kind of liken it to a tiny Kyoto. It also has the best-designed Starbucks in Japan, a beauty of a store using local wood to help it blend […]

Moving to Myanmar

In a previous post I mentioned that my wife and I were about to make a big career decision. I am proud to announce that starting August, we will be teaching in Yangon, Myanmar. Hit The Pavement is moving from Fukuoka to Yangon! We absolutely love Japan, and there is still a lot of travelling […]

Kurume x iPhone

“The best camera is the one you have with you.” -All of the photography world And it’s true. As much as I refuse to admit it sometimes, my iPhone has bailed me out many times when I had nothing else. Your smartphone (or whatever phone you have on hand) may be the only camera you […]

Flashback: Hitting The Manhattan Pavement

If you’re in Canada, you’re celebrating the May two-four long weekend, which is the unofficial start of the summer season. BBQ, early trip to the cottage, Victoria Day fireworks, no work on Monday: I miss it all! Lucky Canucks. This weekend last year my wife (then future wife) and I took a road trip to […]