A Short Layover

I’m the kind of guy who just has to make the most out of what I have. At times I don’t sleep at night until I feel I’ve done something productive with my day. Even the way I approach photography comes from this mentality; I have to make the best possible shots while working around […]

Kurume x iPhone

“The best camera is the one you have with you.” -All of the photography world And it’s true. As much as I refuse to admit it sometimes, my iPhone has bailed me out many times when I had nothing else. Your smartphone (or whatever phone you have on hand) may be the only camera you […]

Tenjin x Velvia

I’m really digging the Velvia film simulation on my x100s. Last week I was walking around the Tenjin/Daimyo area and stumbled upon a pretty colourful neighbourhood. So of course I had to turn on Velvia mode to see what punchy photos the camera could produce. Now I don’t obsess about gear. I’d rather have my […]

Welcome Back to Tokyo

Back in Tokyo after many years to start a new chapter in Japan. On the second day I picked up my new baby, the Fuji X100S. It’s amazing how widely available it is here, when so many people are still waiting to get theirs back home. Plus with the taxes being lower, I saved quite […]