Paris Stopover

This year I’ve decided to spend some more time for myself doing things I like, such as taking photos and updating this blog. I think going into school at nights, weekends, and on holidays burned me out. But such is life in your first year teaching in a new country. Fortunately that part is over, and to start our summer my wife and I decided to spend a week in Paris on the way home to Toronto.

Last time I was in Paris was 10 years ago when I was backpacking through Europe. I have to say I didn’t appreciate it that much as it was at the tail end of my two week trip, so I was exhausted and had a little bit too much Europe by that point. This time felt more relaxed, despite having a toddler plus stroller in tow and seemingly every elevator out of service.

Tools of the day: Fuji x100s, 35mm, 28mm Wide Conversion Lens

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