I’m the kind of guy who just has to make the most out of what I have. At times I don’t sleep at night until I feel I’ve done something productive with my day. Even the way I approach photography comes from this mentality; I have to make the best possible shots while working around the limitations of my Fujifilm x100s, an amazing camera but with a fixed, non-zoom lens. Action shots of the Leafs game from the nosebleeds? Forget it, I’ll take pictures of the crowd cheering. So, not surprisingly, I configured my trip home from Yangon to Toronto so that I’d get to stop in Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong on a five-day, three-country layover. No direct flights for me! My wife had come home on maternity leave a month earlier, so while she wasn’t thrilled at how long it would take me to get home, she let me have some time to travel before the baby became our cute, adorable overlord.

My KL layover was only about an hour so I didn’t get out of the airport. But I got to see a bit of the city only a few months before, so I was just happy to be there. In Japan I saw some friends, did a bit of shopping for the baby, and sent some boxes home. I was already maxing out my weight limits and there was no way I would’ve been able to bring all of my things onto another two flights! Plus the Japanese postal system is so good and relatively inexpensive that I seized the opportunity to use it again.

Hong Kong was an 8-hour layover and I took in what sights I could. It wasn’t much, but I did go up Victoria Peak, with the absolute best view of the Hong Kong skyline. My mom had traveled to HK when we were kids, and I had transferred flights there countless times, but this was the first time I had actually set foot outside the airport in many years living in Asia. All of this, of course, was part of the plan to maximize travel opportunities on my way back to Toronto. After days of being in transit and sleeping on friends’ couches, internet cafes and airport benches, I gave myself a good sleep-in when I got home. It was a great use of my first day back.



One of the most iconic buildings in HK


Best view evah!