In a previous post I mentioned that my wife and I were about to make a big career decision. I am proud to announce that starting August, we will be teaching in Yangon, Myanmar. Hit The Pavement is moving from Fukuoka to Yangon!

We absolutely love Japan, and there is still a lot of travelling and photographing that I have yet to accomplish here. But I am equally excited about living in, travelling, and documenting the sights and everyday street life of Yangon and Myanmar.

That means that I have two months left shooting Fukuoka. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I have shared so far about life in this part of Japan. Later in the year I plan to publish an e-book with some of the photos from this blog and some insights on the quirks of Fukuoka and what makes it different from the rest of Japan. It’s still in its infant stage, but it’ll happen!

I am looking forward to being immersed in everyday Yangon life. Myanmar is a very beautiful and photogenic country, and I can’t wait to start shooting the moment I hit the…tarmac. I’m also looking forward to connecting with local artists and photographers while growing this blog. And in addition to teaching its future leaders, I also hope to contribute in getting the word out about the country through photography as it opens up to the world.

It’ll be my first time in Myanmar, and my first time in that part of Southeast Asia since 2009. In honour of this, today’s street photos come from Myanmar’s next-door neighbour, Thailand, shot exactly five years ago this week.

Tools of the day: Nikon D40 + 18-55mm












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