I love the work of French photographer Jean-Michel Berts. He does beautiful black and white fine art photography of different cities around the world. His pictures are distinct because with great timing and technique, he captures light falling on buildings and cityscapes so well. Most of the time, his pictures are also eerily devoid of people. The places he photographs are left to “shine” on their own, with the focus on the minimal black and white medium, the textures in the photos, and the beautiful architecture of the city. Check him out here!

I’m very fascinated with what he does that sometimes I get inspired to create a visual narrative of an empty Fukuoka. So I decided to give it a try and shoot the city very early in the morning. These pictures show the emptiness of an otherwise busy and lively Tenjin.

Care to play Waldo? There is one person hiding in one of these photos. Leave a comment if you manage to find him!







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