My wife and I are about to make a big career decision soon. Naturally, my sleep pattern is kind of out of sync. The other morning I woke up unusually early and went for a walk around the neighbourhood to clear my head a bit. As I mentioned in a previous post, this area is zoned for mixed-use. There’s a recycling facility right next to old playgrounds next to some very nice houses next to rice fields. So I really wasn’t all that surprised when I discovered some other fun things in the neighbourhood.

The coolest thing I found were mini-bamboo forests, a good 5-minute walk from my building. Very Japanese. I continued to get lost and explore paths I’d never taken and found an isolated temple nestled inside a quiet wooded area. For a while it definitely did not feel like I was in Kurume. I followed my human GPS instincts towards another narrow path away from the temple, and lo and behold, I re-appeared behind my apartment!

This is one of the things I love the most about this kind of photography: just walking around with a camera with no aim. If you pay enough attention, you can find little surprising things in the everyday. It’s very zen-like to be walking around at the break of dawn with no purpose but to explore places you’ve never been to and document them. After passing by the bamboo forests I heard a temple bell ring, calling monks to morning meditation. This was my morning meditation, and it made this decision a little bit easier to think about.

Tools of the day: Fuji x100s + 19mm wide angle converter.




There are so many signs for everything in Japan



I’d never seen this style of window here

Road mirrors everywhere. Super helpful to users of narrow roads!


The pride of Kurume: Bridgestone Tires