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Flashback: Hitting The Manhattan Pavement

If you’re in Canada, you’re celebrating the May two-four long weekend, which is the unofficial start of the summer season. BBQ, early trip to the cottage, Victoria Day fireworks, no work on Monday: I miss it all! Lucky Canucks.

This weekend last year my wife (then future wife) and I took a road trip to New York as a last getaway before the crunch time that was our wedding. I have family in the New York/New Jersey area so more reason to go!

New York City has always been one of my favourite places in the world to travel, get lost, photograph, eat, shop, and photograph. As I’d been there so many times, I was less on tourist mode and more on street photographer mode. Here are some shots from that weekend that I’m publishing for the first time, all done on my loyal D40 and a 35mm f/1.8. Cheers!

First three shots taken on the Jersey City side:


Bent steel beam from the World Trade Center


Lots of street food vendors across Madison Square Park. At this point I temporarily switched allegiances from Toronto to New York.






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