Hey everyone, Happy 2014! I’ve been back in Fukuoka for a few days after a solid couple of weeks of sunshine and family time in the Philippines. Here’s the first offering of 2014 from the slew of photos I took during my vacation. Not as many as I would’ve liked though, as between jumping from one cousin’s place to another I kept misplacing my charger. So I had to make do with a limited amount of battery power for a good part of the trip.

Manila in particular is such a good place for street photography because there’s so much going on in the organized chaos that is the streets. You have to be quick though. It’s a camera culture, so people quickly notice when there’s a camera pointed at them.

Before I left Japan I wrote down a list of themes that I wanted to explore in the Philippines. Not all of them worked out due to scheduling and the aforementioned battery issue (I don’t think Mrs. Hit The Pavement would’ve been too happy anyway since it was also our honeymoon). But looking through my photos I noticed that I took lots of shots of people on the street doing their jobs: people selling food, driving tricycles, guarding malls. I chose these images because I think they are a good sample of the vibrancy and diversity of urban Philippine culture.

Stay warm, and thanks for dropping by!


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